Recently Completed Projects

  • Recently Completed Projects
  • Recently Completed Projects
  • Recently Completed Projects
  • Recently Completed Projects
  • Recently Completed Projects

New landscaping and parking lot at District Office

Recently Completed Projects from 2012-13

HBF volunteers managed the beautification of over 15 projects this past year. We are appreciative of the support and guidance provided by the Public Works department and in particular, John Mullins (Superintendent) and Liz Smith. The committee was pleased to work collaboratively with police, fire personnel, Public Works, schools (including School Superintendent, Anthony Ranii) and home owners associations on our projects. HBF is also thankful for the loyal support of the Hillsborough community!

Some of the main projects completed this year:

280 Entrance:  Replacement of plantings
Ascot Fire Station:  the movement and reinstallation of a hedge along the east side of the property
Bellevue Entrance:  This entrance to town was overgrown and unkempt. Irrigation has been added and updated where needed and both sides of the entrance have been beautified.
Centennial Garden:  Carpet roses were approved to cover bare spots and ceanothus have been added to fill in along the sidewalk on Floribunda.
Crossroads Park:  The park was in need of attention as the central oak tree was in poor health, the decomposed granite pathways needed repair, the fountain and some irrigation needed repair and plantings needed to be replaced.
District Office:  Phase I, completed in the summer of 2012, was the beautification of the central courtyard at the District Office.  Phase II was the improvement of the entire front area of the District Office. This Phase II, completed the summer of 2013, included revising traffic flow and parking, removal of concrete and the addition of new plantings in the front area of the buildings.
Marlborough / Black Mountain Water Tanks:  Irrigation and replanting on both sides of the water tanks.
McKenzie Court:  The overgrowth was removed, irrigation installed and landscaping completed.
Mountainwood Lane Island/Entrance:  Weeds and dead/half-dead trees were removed and full circle was re-landscaped.
Public Works Yard:  Demolition of existing overgrowth on central island and replanting.
Skyfarm/Redington Island:  This island and adjacent corner were re-landscaped.
Tournament & Parrott Corner:  Removal of Eucalyptus trees and adding a walking path, new Cork Oak trees and landscaping.
Town Hall Front:  Re-landscaping & replacement of irrigation in area near Floribunda Road.
Vista Park:  This project was completed in the fall of 2012.  The park required significant replanting in certain areas that have been overused by park visitors. Larger plants with interim protective fencing were used for this update.