Vista Park

Vista Park

Maintaining sites throughout the Town is an enormous undertaking. The Maintenance Committee monitors the conditions and oversees proper maintenance throughout Hillsborough including traffic islands, parks, town entrances, fire stations, schools, and historic gates.

This year, HBF volunteers monitored over 75 previously completed sites to ensure they continued to meet HBF’s expectations for public spaces. Volunteers inspect the sites 2-3 times per month to  evaluate the overall health, appearance, and condition of the site including vegetation and hardscape. Committee members work with landscaping companies responsible for each site to ensure they are being properly irrigated and maintained.

Maintenance Issues
Please contact Georgeann Fannon ( if you would like to report any maintenance issues such as water valves that are broken, don’t turn off, or plants that need care.

If you see a public space that would benefit from some improvement, let us know by completing the Nominate a Project form.