How We Work

Several committees work to raise funds, evaluate needs, supervise improvement plans, contract for improvement work (including installation of irrigation) and maintain each site. Through the solicitation of annual donations, HBF has improved and continues to maintain over 75 sites to date.

Projects Committee

The Projects Committee selects public areas in Town in need of beautification. The selections are often in response to requests from residents and may involve safety as well as aesthetic concerns. The committee oversees the evaluation of the space and creation of an improvement plan and with Board approval, manages the work including the addition of irrigation as needed. The Projects Committee also has one member who serves as School Liaison who meets regularly with the schools’ administrations to target possible landscaping projects on the school campuses. Approximately 10 new projects are evaluated each year. Other Project sub-committees focus on gates, maintenance, signs, and trees.

Development Committee

The mission of the Development Committee is to raise funds for projects and raise awareness of HBF in the community. The Development Committee publishes a bi-annual newsletter, organizes volunteers for the annual Daffodil Planting, and hosts two town-wide events each year: Light of the Town! (a winter holiday celebration at Town Hall) and its largest annual community event, Celebrate May! (a spring gathering held in a private Hillsborough garden). Other committee activities include a fall fundraising drive and a major donor party in the spring.

Other Committees

Other HBF sub-committees include Finance, Nominating, Open Space, Planned Giving, Utilities, and Website.